November 2012

2012 Salute to the Stars Awards Ceremony

The Home Builder’s Association of Lexington held their annual Salute to the Stars awards banquet and ceremony on Thursday night at the downtown Lexington Hilton. This prestigious awards program recognizes those who have helped shape HBA Lexington into the association that it is today by inducting those individuals into the HBA Lexington Hall of Fame.
One Builder, Remodeler, and Associate member was also recognized for their outstanding service to the Association. During the evening, awards were given honoring new construction and remodeling projects, as well as associates and realtors who go above and beyond all year long. 

Ball Homes won the award for best townhome design priced up to $250,000 for our Milan II floor plan. We also won the award for the best new home design priced $150,000-$225,000 our Baldwin floor plan.

During the evening, our founders, Don and Mira Ball, were inducted into the HBAL Hall of Fame for their service to the home building community. They have achieved unparalleled success in their business and have also made significant contributions to the public well-being in Lexington and the state of Kentucky.

The evening was a wonderful time to celebrate all the accomplishments of 2012 and begin 2013 with a sense of pride and accomplishment within the home building industry. For more photos of the event, go to our Facebook page.

Smart Buyers Choose New Homes

Smart Buyers can save money in energy and maintenance costs by choosing newly constructed homes, even over homes that are just a few years old.

Today’s new can peform as much as 50% better than the average existing home, which means lower monthly utility bills. Energy Smart Ball Homes are better insulated, more tightly constructed, and more efficiently heated and cooled than older homes.

New Ball Homes include warranties that protect the buyer from unexpected maintenance bills. Existing homes can come with hidden costs, like a roof or furnace replacement in the first few years of ownership, or a major appliance replacement.

These days, good design is value-conscious. New Ball Homes offer better use of space, with more finished area over the garage, less empty second story space, and better overall value than designs from just a few years ago.

Smart Buyers also get today’s designs, plus a comfortable and beautiful interior décor, all in a brand new home.

Buyers who choose a newly constructed Ball home get the advantage of the most popular floorplans and options on the market today, and a professionally selected décor. Buyers of existing homes get the colors and products chosen to suit the taste of the previous owners.

Newly constructed Ball Homes have a brand new, never-been-lived in kind of clean and freshness (especially in the tubs, showers, appliances, and carpet) that a home that has been lived for years can’t match.

Colors and design trends come and go, and newly constructed Ball Homes offer the benefits of today’s preferences in colors, textures, and design. Older homes often have dated color schemes, designs that have gone out of style, or a mismatch of styles from being updated over time.

The luxury options available in all price ranges of new homes far exceed what was being built even ten years ago, especially when it comes to kitchens and master baths.

Extra storage, flexible use rooms, and downstairs guest suite options are all on the list of preferred features these days. Kitchen islands and breakfast counters are popular, as are built-ins like bookcases, desks, and TV connections above fireplaces. Outdoor living spaces like covered porches and patios are in high demand. New Ball Homes have the advantage of these preferred features, which most older homes just can’t offer.

Buyers of new Ball Homes have the advantage of being able to move into a home that is just the way they want it. By contrast, buyers of existing homes often face a long process of updating an older home while trying to live in it, which can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and full of unknown expenses.

* Based on comparison of an actual 2586sf home built to 2012 Energy Smart standards with a HERS score of 83 and estimated annual energy costs of $1477. Compared to a simulated 2586sf home built to typical 2000 standards with a HERS score of 138, with an estimated annual energy cost of $2185. Annual savings of $708 over 5 years total $3,540. **Material and labor estimate for shingled roof replacement on a 2500sf home as estimated by area building professional. ***Based on estimate by area HVAC professional for a 2500sf home with two units, using existing ductwork and efficiency standards comparable to new homes.

New Knoxville Location: Greenbrook

Ball Homes are now available in Greenbrook, our newest Knoxville location. This new location offers forty floorplans, grouped on two lot sizes. Base prices range from the upper $180's to the $250's. 

Greenbrook is located north of I-40 off the Pellissippi Parkway and offers proximity to Oak Ridge, nearby shopping, and Hardin Valley schools. The community offers a swimming pool. 

Visit our Cavanaugh II D model Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5pm, or any time by appointment. Please call 865.329.6919 for more information

Operation Military Cheer

The Home Builder's Association of Lexington and the Kentucky National Guard are partnering together this holiday season to spread cheer to the children of our deployed and non-deployed military. From November 1st through December 12th, the Ball Homes Lexington area model homes will be toy drop-off locations for Operation Military Cheer. 

We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for children ages infant through 17, cash donations, and Kroger gift cards. Items will be dristributed by the Kentucky National Guard.

Please consider donating to this great cause! 

What To Do With Fallen Leaves?

Autumn’s beautiful array of oranges, reds, yellows have given way to bare branches and tree limbs. Now that most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with them. Here are a few things you can do now to insure you keep your lawn healthy through the coming winter months.

1. Get your leaves off the lawn. Even a light layer of leaves will compact under winter snows, depriving lawn grasses of light and air and encouraging the growth of snow mold and other turf diseases. You can use them now for mulch, add them to your compost or stockpile them for future use.

2. Make sure you clear all the leaves off your driveway and sidewalks. Leaves create slippery conditions for drivers and bike riders when it rains. Mounds of leaves can also clog local storm drains, creating dangerous high water conditions on roadways during a heavy downpour.

3. If you decide to use leaves for mulch, use your lawn mower to chop them into fine pieces and add them to your compost pile or flower beds. Leaves are nutrient-rich, which are perfect around newly installed plants to maintain soil warmth and permit better root growth. Spread leaves across bare soil areas to prevent erosion or apply them to established gardens after the ground has frozen to prevent frost heave and premature soil warming in early spring.

4. Participate in your local communities’ leaf service. Many cities offer a short-term service of delivering your leaves to a specific site at no charge. The site will compost the leaves for municipal use or sale to residents. This may be your best bet to keep your fall cleanup ecofriendly if the amount of leaves on your property overwhelms your ability to use them in your own landscape. Some cities offer a pick-up service, while others have a drop-off location. For information on this service in your community, visit the local government website for Lexington, Louisville, and Knoxville.

5. Use the leaves in your holiday decorations. Decorate your home with the Fall foliage by adding whole leaves to your table decorations or wall art