Create Curb Appeal at Your New Ball Home!

Now that you've moved into your new Ball home, you're ready to add your own personal style to it. There's furniture to arrange and cupboards to fill, but don't let winter weather keep you from putting your personal touch on the outside of your home. There are things you can do right now to add curb appeal to your new home and add "you" to your new abode.

Knock, Knock

Your front door makes the first impression for your house. Make it shine with a new wreath or door mat to greet your guests, like this DIY welcome mat from If you have a porch, add a decorative bench or rocking chairs. Create symmetry with topiaries or sconces flanking the doorway.

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Light Up the Night
Attract attention to your home even after the sun has gone down. Install decorative lighting in your landscaping or along your front walkway. The bright side (no pun intended) with installing outdoor lighting is that it provides safety and security as well as looking great. Here's an article from the designers at HGTV on working with landscape lighting.

Stop and Smell the Flowers
Plants and flowers can bring instant color to a dreary landscape. Because planting in the winter can be tricky, install ready-made planters or window boxes. Keep your shrubs trimmed and freshen up the mulch to keep your garden areas from looking overrun or tired-looking. Eventually when the weather warms, you can define your landscape with edging stones to add more color and texture to your garden beds.