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Non-Profit Highlight: Jubilee Jobs of Lexington

Since our founding over 50 years ago, Ball Homes has made it a priority for our company to support various charitable causes. We actively and enthusiastically partner with organizations that work to improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

We would like to share information about some of the non-profit organizations that have impressed us with their commitment to serve, their success rates, and their overall willingness to take on difficult tasks and provide services to those who desperately need them. Watch this space for short features on some of the organizations that we admire!

This month, we would like to highlight a newer nonprofit agency in the area; Jubilee Jobs of Lexington. Opened in 2009, Jubilee Jobs of Lexington is a job placement agency for the unemployed and under-employed in the Lexington area. They are a place of hope in a time of despair for many residents living in the Central Kentucky area. Their goal is to provide job preparation, placement, retention and career advancement for those who want to move beyond poverty and towards self-sefficiency.
Applicants complete a 7-step program, which includes everything from appointments with a job counselor, to small group workshops and one-on-one resume development meetings. Their process focuses on compassion, accountability and various assessments of an applicant’s interests and abilities so that they are placed in the most appropriate job possible.
Not only do they strive to help people find a job, but Jubilee Jobs continues to provide structured support even after people start working. Job counselors and volunteers maintain contact with each employer and applicant, providing ongoing counsel and encouragement. Program meetings throughout the month also provide a time for working applicants and their families to gather together and share the challenges and successes of their new situation.
For more information on the work of Jubilee Jobs of Lexington, visit their website.