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Woodford County Repair Affair

This weekend kicks off the 14th annual Woodford County Repair Affair, sponsored by the Versailles-Woodford County Rotary Club. Ball Homes is proud to be a sponsor of this important event.  On September 21-22, over 200 volunteers from around the area will join together to help the elderly, disabled, and low-income individuals in the community improve the safety and comfort of their homes. The goal of this year's event is to provide home maintenance and repairs for 20-25 homeowners in Woodford County. Since 1998, this annual event has repaired over 271 homes and, as a result, has provided safe and secure living arrangements to homeowners. Over 2,500 volunteers have worked to provide this service through no cost to the homeowners.  Volunteers are able to be involved in a variety of different facets of this project - from fundraising, to publicity, to applicant interviewing, to providing professional home repairs (including HVAC, electrical and plumbing), to doing general handiwork things like painting, cleaning out brushes, or removing shingles from a roof. We're looking forward to participating in this important cause!

Everyone loves a good before and after shot--check out these photos of the exterior of one of the Repair Affair homes from 2011.  What a difference!

Before and After: the 2011 Repair Affair