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And The Results Are In....

Here at Ball Homes, we recognize the importance of the trust a homebuyer places in us as their chosen homebuilder. Few decisions in life are more important than determining the company who will build your home--the safe haven for your family for years to come. Because you’ve entrusted us with the construction of your home, we strive to maintain that same homeowner confidence throughout the entire homebuilding process.
We value our customers by being sensitive to their needs and providing a quality product that represents a good value.  At our core, we are dedicated to making customer service and homeowner satisfaction our main goal. This is only possible by receiving input from our customers. After the closing of a home, we send out Customer Satisfaction Surveys to each of our homeowners. We value the comments, suggestions, and remarks that people give us. By getting customer feedback, we can gather information about the practices that are working, the procedures we can improve upon, and the home options people are looking towards.
Out of the responses we received from the Customer Service surveys in Q1 of 2013, 98% of homeowners say they would recommend Ball Homes to other home buyers. For us, these results not only mean that our homeowners love the quality of their Ball home, but that they also put their stamp of approval on our product and are willing to tell others about it. Essentially, these people have become part of our sales team by telling others that building with Ball Homes is the right choice. Our customers are our biggest marketing tool and these results demonstrate our dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.
We want to thank all of our homeowners. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We genuinely believe that the greatest compliment you can give us, as a home builder, is a referral. If you have any questions about the home building process, please contact a Ball Homes Specialist today!

A Testament to the Ball Homes Experience

Ball Homes is a family-owned and operated company that has been building affordable homes for Kentucky families since 1959. During that time, we have met a variety of different people who have entrusted the construction of their home to us. We understand that there are many different options out there and we are honored that you have chosen us to build your dream home.

We believe that our best advertisers are our customers. Their feedback truly matters in every step of the homebuilding process, and we ask for it regularly to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with the work they have trusted us to do. Here is just a small sampling of what people are saying about us.

“It is rare to find a company, such as yours, that takes pride in their work and does what they can to keep their customers happy . . . Thank you for the dedication you give to your homes and your customers.” — C.P.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your Customer Service organization for all the help, support, and immediate response to our needs. We have built a number of custom built homes over the last 25 years and the service and cooperation we receive from Ball Homes’ entire organization has been equal or better. The Customer Service personnel and the subcontractors have been a pleasure to work with especially when so many companies tend to ‘walk away’ from their commitments… Again, thank you for the excellent service, much appreciated” —L.Y. and S.Y.

“You have an excellent team . . . We love our new home and have been very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the quality of service provided. I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how wonderful the experience has been.”—S.M.

"This is the fifth house we have built and this is by far the best! The workmanship is superior! We are very happy customers!" -- FK and JK

"I closed on a customized Ashley II Ball Home . . . Not only was the floor plan amazing, but the available options were tasteful and complementary. I have had several compliments from friends and family, as well as from impressed passersby. My Milestone agents . . . and Walden Mortgage were unfailingly courteous, professional, patient and available. In fact, when the closing was delayed and almost jeopardized my trip abroad, all of my agents, in concert the regional and national directors, came up with a practical solution to the problem. Thus, despite some moments of anxiety on my part, when all was said and done, Ball Homes came through for me, and I was able to make my trip. Since closing, the quality service has continued through the Customer Service Department . . .[My agent] has maintained contact, to make sure that I am thrilled with my investment. And I am. I have made frequent and terrible oaths that this is the last house I will ever build or buy, but if that ever changes, I know whom I will be calling …”— E.E. 

To read more of our testimonials, visit our website today! We would love to hear from you on how we can make your dream of building a home come true!