April 2013

And They're Off!

After waiting all year long, the most exciting two minutes in sports are coming! The 139th running of the Kentucky Derby is just a few days away, and here in Kentucky, we are getting ready for what is sure to be a great race! 

For many of us, the Kentucky Derby is a time to gather with friends and family, watch the races, and celebrate the simple Southern comforts that Kentucky is famous for--from Mint Juleps, to fancy hats, to delicious Derby pie. Since it’s difficult to watch the Derby from inside Churchill Downs, use your new Ball home to your advantage and watch this season’s best run for the roses in your comfortable bonus room. You’ll always have the best seat in the house!
At Ball Homes, a bonus room or loft area is a popular plan feature that is standard in a large number of our spacious home designs, like our Cavanaugh II or Rockwood II floor plans. In addition to spacious living rooms rooms, these bonus spaces provide a cozy place to sip on your mint julep or sample the Derby Pie while you cheer on your favorite horse and jockey with millions of other racing fans. These multipurpose rooms can also provide the ideal space to hold family game night, read a good book or work on your next DIY project.
Whether you watch the Derby for the horses or the hats, keep up to date with all the action in the comforts of your new Ball home. For more information on our plans with bonus and loft areas, visit the Ball Homes website today!
The Kentucky Derby will be televised on your local NBC-affiliate television station. Coverage begins at 11:00am.

And The Results Are In....

Here at Ball Homes, we recognize the importance of the trust a homebuyer places in us as their chosen homebuilder. Few decisions in life are more important than determining the company who will build your home--the safe haven for your family for years to come. Because you’ve entrusted us with the construction of your home, we strive to maintain that same homeowner confidence throughout the entire homebuilding process.
We value our customers by being sensitive to their needs and providing a quality product that represents a good value.  At our core, we are dedicated to making customer service and homeowner satisfaction our main goal. This is only possible by receiving input from our customers. After the closing of a home, we send out Customer Satisfaction Surveys to each of our homeowners. We value the comments, suggestions, and remarks that people give us. By getting customer feedback, we can gather information about the practices that are working, the procedures we can improve upon, and the home options people are looking towards.
Out of the responses we received from the Customer Service surveys in Q1 of 2013, 98% of homeowners say they would recommend Ball Homes to other home buyers. For us, these results not only mean that our homeowners love the quality of their Ball home, but that they also put their stamp of approval on our product and are willing to tell others about it. Essentially, these people have become part of our sales team by telling others that building with Ball Homes is the right choice. Our customers are our biggest marketing tool and these results demonstrate our dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.
We want to thank all of our homeowners. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We genuinely believe that the greatest compliment you can give us, as a home builder, is a referral. If you have any questions about the home building process, please contact a Ball Homes Specialist today!

10 Spring Maintenance Tips

Finally, beautiful spring weather has decided to roll into our area! For many of us, that means it’s time to roll up our sleeves and complete items on our spring maintenance checklist. To get you started, here are 10 things to complete around your house to get it ready for the warmer months ahead.

Inspect your roof.
Now that the cold weather has passed, it’s time to check the condition of your roof. Cracked or missing shingles need to be replaced. Also check your gutters and downspouts for debris buildup. With impending April showers, you don’t want to find out too late that you have a leak in your roof or a blocked gutter.

Check your air conditioning unit.
Just as you prepared your furnace in the fall, you’ll need to prepare your air conditioner for the warmer temperatures. Clean or replace your air filter and check for leaks in hoses or vents.

Pressure wash the outside of your home. Build up from dead leaves, mold and mud can leave the outside areas of your home looking dingy and grimy. Rent a power washer from your local hardware store or borrow one from a neighbor and clean your deck, driveway, fences and lawn furniture.  

Clean from top to bottom.
Spring is a great time to clean the areas that are usually neglected. Dust or vacuum stair rails, ceiling fans, and the tops of cabinets. Schedule to get your carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned or plan to do it yourself. 

Wash your windows. You can’t really appreciate the beautiful sun shine if your windows are dirty and foggy. Wash the inside and outsides of your windows. Don’t forget to clean out the sills and window tracks with a soft brush or rag. 

Prepare your lawn equipment.
Time to dig out the lawn mower again! Check the blade for dullness and refill the oil and gas containers. You'll lengthen the life of the mower and improve the look of your lawn.

Inspect your smoke detectors. Make sure each smoke detector in your home has fresh batteries. Change the batteries quarterly, or as needed.

Clean out the dryer lint trap. Even if you clear out lint after each load of laundry, dust, hair and lint can still be trapped in the vent. A clogged vent can lessen your dryer’s efficiency and is a major fire hazard. Follow this step-by-step tutorial from on how to properly clean your dryer vent. 

Clean up the yard. Clear away dead limbs, leaves, and bushes that have expired over the winter. Keep all landscaping trimmed away from utility lines and your AC unit.

Vacuum the refrigerator coils. The coils you’ll find on the bottom or back of your refrigerator conduct the hot air from inside the unit. If they're coated with dust, they do the job less efficiently and cause your fridge to work harder. That means a higher electric bill for you. Use a vacuum cleaner hose or a brush to clean the coils.

Did You Know? Laminate Flooring Edition

One of the most sought-after home amenities is wood flooring. From its timeless, classic look to its durability, wood flooring has been a leader in home floor coverings for decades. It’s stylish and can be easily maintained and cared for compared to its counterpart, carpet.  However, hardwood flooring may not be the right choice for every homeowner. It can be very expensive and may not work for every homeowner’s lifestyle. For homeowners who want the natural look of wood without the high costs, laminate floors can be an alternative solution. They are generally cheaper than wood floors and they achieve a similar look and feel of wood. If you’re on the fence about deciding if hardwood or laminate is right for your home, here are a few facts about laminate flooring.

Laminate wood flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. The top layer is a high resolution photo of wood which is super-imposed onto the planks and then topped with a clear protective layer.  Most people cannot tell the difference between wood and laminate because the photos are of such high-quality.
Laminate has grown in popularity for a number of reasons.


      They are very easy to install. Most laminate floors are clicked together and don’t require nails like hardwood flooring. It can be installed in virtually every room of the house, including stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Laminate floors are often called floating floors because they are not glued to the slab.  They typically "float" over the sub-floor on top of a foam or film underlayment, which provides a moisture barrier and has a sound-reducing property.

They are easier to maintain than traditional hardwood flooring.
Laminate floors are scratch- and impact-resistant, which means they can hold up in high-traffic areas without losing its shine or durability. Homeowners won’t see the scratch marks left by pets, children, or high heels like you might with hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is also considered a good selection for allergy sufferers because it doesn’t capture and trap dust particles like carpet does.

In terms of care and maintenance, the most important thing you need to remember is water and laminate DO NOT mix.  Sitting water can cause the planks to warp and swell, which is not covered under warranty.  Spills are not a problem if they are wiped up quickly, but it is not a good location for your pet’s water bowls. You may want to consider using area rugs underneath their bowls or move them to another location if your pets tend to be messy!
Choosing the right flooring for your new Ball home is a big decision. Many factors come into play when deciding on the type of flooring you will use. To help you decide, take a look at our previous blog post for some questions to ask yourself when choosing flooring for your home.
As always, our dedicated team of Ball Homes Specialists and Design Consultants are here to help you make your dream home a reality! Contact us for more information!

The Power of Pinterest!

Pinterest is fast-becoming one of the most popular ways to find decor and design ideas for your next home. From DIY tips to architectural ideas, Pinterest has something for everyone! We've seen a lot of people come into our Design Studio with photos and blog posts highlighting exactly what they're looking for in their next Ball Homes home.
Have you joined the Pinterest craze? If you haven't, here are a few of our most popular Pinterest pins!

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